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| Documents for the visa to norway  | Of the rule for visa reception to norway 

The visa to norway

Norway - the country-participant of the schengen agreement. for the citizen of the russian federation for entrance to this country are necessary the international passport and The visa to norway. The visa to norway Is schengen and gives the chance unobstructed entrance to other countries of the agreement. the foreigner can have also in the passport a stamp of the norwegian work permit, a kind on a residence, permissions to settlement or the individual work permit in group. in that case it can repeatedly drive to the country within time specified in the permission, and additional The visa to norway It is not required.

Rules at entrance to norway are very strict. private use subjects can be imported into the country only on condition that they will be taken out upon termination of a trip. it is forbidden to import crude meat, fresh vegetables, dairy products into norway. medicines can be imported for private use. national and foreign currency it is possible to import beyond all bounds.

Documents for visa registration the following package of documents should be presented to norway

For visa registration to norway in embassy:

  • The international passport, which period of validity will not expire within 3 months from the date of returning to russia.
  • A copy of all pages passports.
  • The reference (on the letter-head). should be specified: a post, the size of a salary, the work experience (it is recommended to inform also also business trip/holiday term).
  • Two photos.
  • The filled questionnaire.
  • It is possible (but it is not obligatory) to put the document on hotel booking.
  • Documentary booking confirmation of return tickets.
  • The description of a route of a tourist trip.
  • Documentary acknowledgement of your solvency (the inquiry on acquisition of currency, an extract on a bank account condition, a credit card x-copy, documents on real estate etc.)

Entrance to norway with child

Under condition of departure from the country of the child who has not reached 18 years, with one of parents or other accompanying persons (for example, relatives) the permission assured by the notary in russian on departure of the child abroad from the remaining parent or both parents is required.

Visa registration to norway

We will help you with registration of a unitary tourist visa for 7 days. this visa costs 150 c.u., is made out for 10 working days. at the reference in any firm which assists in visa reception to norway, we recommend to specify in embassy of norway. whether has given the permission to the given activity.

In addition for tourists is more younger 18 years:

1. x-copies 1-vyh pages of the passport of the russian federation of both parents
2. a x-copy of birth certificate (even if there is a passport of the russian federation).
3. the inquiry from school
(the general list of leaving children or the inquiry is necessary for a group school trip from school on each child. it is necessary to give also the letter from the principal with the permission of a prospective trip).
4. the consent from parents
Notarially certified (x-copy). in the consent there should be a phrase "in the countries of the schengen agreement, including finland, sweden, norway and denmark", articles with 20 on 23 laws of the russian federation about an order of departure from the russian federation and entrance to the russian federation and a phrase also should be specified that the maintenance of these articles is explained by the notary. also it is necessary to specify in whom it is made responsible for the child (the head of group, the teacher etc.)
5. reference
Of the relative or the person sponsoring a trip should be on the letter-head with instructions of a post, the address, phone and a monthly average salary not less than 15 000 roubles. (for the commercial enterprises (open company, joint-stock company, ) is necessary to give a x-copy of the certificate on firm registration).
6. sponsor's letter
On 4 by hand (an example: ivanov i.i. i sponsor to petrov p. p in the countries of scandinavia from 01.01.07 till. number the signature.)
If the child does not have one of parents it is necessary to give at least one of documents:
- the inquiry from militia that the location of the parent is not established
- the book of single mother
- the certificate on death
- a judgement about deprivation of one of parents of parental rights
- documents on adoption (adoption) of the child by other person.
If a surname of the child and parents (one of parents) different,
That is necessary to give the documents confirming Change of a surname.

Embassy of norway
Embassy of norway : ., 7.
Office: bodies.
495 933 14 10
A fax 495 933 14 11

Visa department: bodies.
495 933 14 15
The fax 495 933 14 14

Trading department: bodies.
495 933 14 10
The fax 495 933 14 29

Before to undertake what or actions, read Of the rule for visa reception to norway 

Norway , and therefore the norwegian visa operates in all countries of the schengen agreement. for visa reception to norway it is necessary to have the international passport which period of validity expires not earlier than in three months after date of planned end of the trip, two colour photos 34, the inquiry from work on the letter-head with instructions of a post, the income, requisites and company contacts, hotels or the invitation from the citizen of norway, the insurance policy.


Embassy of norway - .

For the entry visa to norway in till 90 days citizens of russia and ukraine should pay consular gathering at a rate of 1250 roubles. citizens of byelorussia, kazakhstan, uzbekistan, kyrgyzstan, tajikistan, turkmenia, georgia and armenia should pay consular gathering at a rate of 2100 roubles. the given sizes of consular gathering operate about 01.2010 years.

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