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The information on rest in norway

Rest in norway Will win your heart for ever. the main thing in norway is a beauty and nobleness of its nature. grey rocks, emerald water of fjords of norway, dark green trees, low clouds, hundreds falls with the cleanest mountain water gather in the rivers in which" non-polluting fish "laps. thousand secluded bays and Fjords Surround coast of norway. the low mountains covered with woods and meadows, create unique colour. thousand pure lakes and the rivers give unique possibility to enjoy fishing and water sports. in the summer the sun does not come into norway. we offer various kinds of productive leisure in norway. rounds to norway, calculated both on professionals and on fans, include rock-climbing,campaigns in mountains, campaigns on a glacier, a trip to mountains on a bicycle, fishing, rounds on the car on

To fjords of norway.

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Rest in norway .

Virgin hillsides can be destroyed
The untouched nature in vicinities of the city of ljungen - a real paradise for mountain skiers. in the future it can become and the most known among foreign fans of skis a place in norway...

Norway have decided to open from new foreshortening
Before a summer season on the norwegian direction some tendencies were outlined. once again in the market there was an idea to lift direct flight moscow - oslo (throughout several years different players tried to realise this project, but it broke because of weights.

To norway and finland once a year without the passport and visa
From russia - to norway, then to finland and back to russia. and all it approximately in an hour. such possibility of times in a year drops out to participants of "a friendship ski track". .

Azov could be the native land of scandinavian gods from norway
On border of europe and asia, there, where don divides continent on two parts, on high coast azov - one of the most ancient cities of the south of russia was stretched. it has been put still by greeks - the skilled dealers who have estimated favourable position of a left bank of delta of don...

Lugansk area the plenipotentiary ambassador of kingdom of norway in ukraine
Has visited the purpose of arrival of the norwegian ambassador on luganshchinu - participation in ceremony of delivery of certificates to students within the limits of realisation of the program of the nato - ukraine on retraining of military men which will take place today at institute of work and social technologies ...

On 21st of april in the norwegian city of bergen the flag of norway
" On 21st of april in the norwegian city of bergen the flag of norway (-), "..

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