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Placing of advertising

But already now, you can place the advertising on our site. for this purpose contact to ours The manager of a site on email Or fill the feedback form. you pay for reference placing in any a convenient format: a text reference; a graphic representation (gif, jpg, png, flash). we as place multilinks, but no more than 4 references to any pages of your site.


Placing cost for a month

The main page: 300 rbl.

Internal pages: 120 rbl.

Through placing: 450 rbl.


We give a discount for advertising placing for long term

At payment for 6 months, the discount makes 10 %, at payment more than 12 months of 15 % and more.

For example: if placing only on the main page of one reference is necessary for you (multilinks are admissible, but no more than 3), you pay for a year of all  3060 rbl. together 3600 rbl.


Of the condition for advertising

We are ready to place on a site thematic advertising on more concessionary terms, if your site of tourist subjects. in this case, the discount will make +5 % to placing any kind.


For example: if placing only on the main page of one reference is necessary for you, you pay for a year only 2880 rbl. together 3600 rbl.

Methods of payment

We accept WebMoney: Z485674301900, R983586875314, E055294013533 and

Yandex. money: 4100163724389. in the near future, we are ready to accept and other methods of payment.

How correctly to order advertising?

Steam your offer in any convenient way. to the message write your wishes on placing and a possible variant in which there will be an advertising.

After coordination  Your advertising will be placed on the chosen conditions, only after that you make payment.

* we do not give to payment payment instalments. the next payment should be made in the stipulated day, except for force-majeur circumstances.

Thanks for interest to our project about norway, and pleasant to you of day.




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