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The guidebook to norway

Round norway has opened it is a lot of myths. the majority of them truth.

Those who heard about norway, for certain think that it is the cold country far in the north where polar bears walk the streets. actually, despite that norway is in northern europe, in the summer the temperature frequently rises above 25 degrees. though, strictly, speaking, you can really see the polar bears wandering on territory of norway, but for this purpose you should go on island of spitsbergen which is much further on the north from the basic country more close to the north pole.


Other stories are more similar to truth: vikings, the norwegian ancestors-soldiers, in 10 century ruined europe, and archeologists find till now treasures which they have brought by the huge ships.

Norway always associates with fish, it always was one of the in the lead countries in the field of navigation. in the world not too it is a lot of places where you can try the same remarkable seafood, as in the norwegian coastal small towns.

Winter sports in norway is other sphere where norwegians differ. among other things about children-norwegians say that they are born with skis standing. norwegians are proud of the numerous olympic medals won thanks to national interest to skiing.

But for what norway and for the sake of what people from every corner of the world come here is most of all well-known, is a magnificent nature. falls, mountains, Fjords, glaciers and the sea. probably, you also heard about Trolls? Trolls, ? .


By the plane: russia is connected with norway air-lines of russian airlines "aeroflots" and the scandinavian airline sas. direct regular flights are carried out from moscow.

On own car it is possible to arrive to norway through denmark, finland and sweden.

Norway the country of winter sports.

Norway became the mountain skiing native land. in far 1897 in a place of gusbi nearby to capital of norway of christiania (after renamed into oslo) the first-ever competition in descent on skis from mountain has taken place.

Today in norway set of mounting skiing resorts. lillehammer is most known, here in 1994 the winter olympic games have taken place. quality of mountain-skiing lines has passed a severe estimation of the international olympic committee in lillehammere and has been recognised to the corresponding high international standards necessary for acceptance of the winter olympic games.

As the norwegian mounting skiing resorts are widely known:gala, kvifel, hafel, hemsedal, gejlo. each of these resorts has the highlight, and in aggregate they create reputation of norway as world centre of mountain-skiing sports.

All mounting skiing resorts of norway are focused on the tourists, each resort possesses the developed infrastructure. Rest on mounting skiing resorts of norway Will leave indelible impression in your memory.


The visa to norway

Norway is included into the schengen zone, and therefore the norwegian visa operates in all countries of the schengen agreement. For visa reception to norway It is necessary to have the international passport which period of validity expires not earlier than in three months after date of planned end of the trip, two colour photos 34, the inquiry from work on the letter-head with instructions of a post, the income, requisites and company contacts, hotels or the invitation from the citizen of norway, the insurance policy.

It is necessary To address for the visa in embassy of norway In moscow or in consulate generals of norway in st.-petersburg and murmansk.

For The entry visa to norway In till 90 days citizens of russia and ukraine should pay consular gathering at a rate of 1250 roubles. citizens of byelorussia, kazakhstan, uzbekistan, kyrgyzstan, tajikistan, turkmenia, georgia and armenia should pay consular gathering at a rate of 2100 roubles. the given sizes of consular gathering operate about 01.2010 years.

The culture of country
The state language - norwegian. - (-).

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