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10.10.2010 The norwegian trolls in arkhangelsk

10.10.2010 Norway the country under northern stars

09.10.2010 The new airport on spitsbergen

08.10.2010 In oslo will pass in norway traditional christmas fair

05.10.2010 The new russian-norwegian teleproject

03.10.2010 The new pedestrian track from the swedish settlement ritsem in norwegian tjusford

02.10.2010 Photo-exhibition in office monchebanka show-windows

02.10.2010 In norway has opened the new president

01.10.2010 To spitsbergen

26.09.2010 Advertising of our partners


Lives more than 10 000 russian
At the norwegian lappish parliament design of apartments

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The helpful information on norway

Taxes in norway

Of norway is paid surtax And property taxes (the direct tax). besides it gathering on the majority of the goods and services (indirect tax) is raised.

Taxes should pay expenses of a generality. tax means in particular are used for payment of medical aid, formation, the grant for the maintenance of children, an old-age pension, and also for financing socially - public funds of communication, a construction of roads and it is a lot of another. services which are paid in many other countries, are free in

телескоп купить Norway, but taxes among the highest in europe.

All foreigners arranged on Norway, also should pay the tax. in a current of 8 days after arrival to norway, you should contact tax inspection in a residence to receive a tax card. (developments of tourist business)


, Norway,

The law on foreigners establishes positions about their possibility Of entrance to norway, and conditions of their stay in it.

The law supervises entrance, departure and stay of the foreigner in the country. it also protects legal safety of foreigners.

In the law there are positions about an exception and dispatch, about possibility of free use of the judicial help and about Norway.


Many norwegians are owners of the house or apartment where they live. in cities and large settlements habitation rent is usual.

Every day in newspapers declare delivery of houses or apartments. you too can place the announcement.

Norway 50 % Norway . level of bank percent also high, but constantly varies.


Norway -

Den norske stats husbank [the bank of houses of the norwegian state] is the state bank created for financing of building of houses. everyone can address in bank of houses with the request of granting of the loan for habitation building, but the bank puts special requirements to the standard, the size and building expenses of the house.

Sights of the central norway


Surrounded with green hills, rainy Bergen, probably, the most visited and favourite from Norway. Norway, Bergen Oslo Oslo-Bergen.

Norway .

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