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    10. 10.2010

    The norwegian trolls within the limits of the project "norwegian autumn" will pass today literary travel and competition of children's creativity "norwegian trolls" in arkhangelsk

    . for children acquaintance to the norwegian trolls is provided. these mysterious beings having a tail will lodge these days in arhangel...

    10. 10.2010

    Norway the country under northern stars

    Of bude the small town in the north of norway now hardly associates at our readers with important events of recent history. but it is necessary to step after hour flight from oslo into its earth blown by salty sea winds as works ...

    09. 10.2010

    The new airport on spitsbergen

    The russian authorities plan a number of projects on archipelago spitsbergen, among which construction of the new airport. representatives of trust" "conducting on island coal mining, informed earlier on plans of construction of gas power station, and also new ...

    08. 10.2010

    In oslo there will pass traditional christmas fair

    Christmas fair in the norwegian national museum open-air the largest prechristmas event in oslo, popular both among tourists, and among townsmen. in december here it will be possible to get souvenirs, christmas ornaments ...

    05. 10.2010

    New russian-norwegian teleproject

    In the program opens a special heading - "the fish plate", devoted to the norwegian seafood. the leader of the program julia jaroslavsky invites to itself in studio known the head cook which will be shares culinary secrets and to show ...

    03. 10.2010

     The new pedestrian track from the swedish settlement ritsem in norwegian tjusford

    The new pedestrian track from the swedish settlement ritsem in norwegian tjusford. (Gransleden) 43 ...

    02. 10.2010

     Photo-exhibition in show-windows of office monchebanka

    Norway surprisingly beautiful country - the country of fjords, mountains, hand bells, trolls, emerald water and the cleanest air. to admire it it is possible infinitely, in our works it is possible to see only small part of beauty of norway...

    02. 10.2010

    In norway lives more than 10 000 russian

    Set of the formed russians has married men with the same interests and formation, natalia kopsova writes. in the book "russian wife" it describes stereotypes and prejudices which the russian women living in norway - as face...

    01. 10.2010

     At the norwegian lappish parliament new president

    Of the norwegian lappish parliament the new president. on wednesday egil ulli from the labour party ap became them. on the post it will express opinion of minority....

    26. 09.2010

     To spitsbergen

    The archipelago to the north from norway possesses the special international status. it is unique in modern international law overland state territory of the general using though since 1925 officially spitsbergen is the kingdom norveg part...

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