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    The norwegian trolls in arkhangelsk

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    Within the limits of the project "norwegian autumn" today will pass literary travel and competition of children's creativity "norwegian trolls". for children acquaintance to the norwegian trolls is provided. these mysterious beings having a tail will lodge these days in the arkhangelsk regional children's library of a name of a.p.gaydar. on october, 9th and 11 there it will be possible to see trolls, to learn about their way of life and habits. to the one who is going to travel across norway, it will be very useful to learn how to behave, if you will meet the troll on mountain pass or in gorge which so it is a lot of in this northern country. and it is important, after all trolls can be very dangerous and artful.

    The norwegian consulate general holds in children's library competition on the best drawing from life of trolls in which schoolboys of arkhangelsk take part. competition results will be brought at an exhibition in library on october, 11th at 14 o'clock. the jury will define the best works and will award winners of competition of young artists. the prize of spectator sympathies so visitors of library invite also to work in spectator jury is provided. besides, it will give lecture on for now for future we give the dessert recipe "cream of the troll": wood berries to mix with the egg white shaken up with sugar.

    It is published: bnits/shpilkin s. v.istochnik: news agency "dvina-inform"

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