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Of hordalend

The area of region 15 6342. in the west and in the east this region is surrounded by fjords along which cities and small villages are picturesquely located. it is region to visit especially interesting at the moment of flowering of gardens.

The basic historical sight of region is Bergen. Bergen - the first capital of norway, the cultural and historical centre of modern norway. an arrangement between high mountains and the sea, bergen is a city which name collars in a kingdom of fjords.

Historical part Of a city - bryggen, is under protection unesco. in this city the norwegian composer edward grieg And its residence, roldhaugen Created great, is especially popular place of visiting by tourists. ancient houses of ganzejsky merchants - smoothly pass in landing stage area on which of a century in centuries briskly there is a sale of fish. a tower of rozenkrattsa (1546.), bergenhjus (1261.) a museum of arts including collections of products of known artists of edward munch, miro, picasso. an ancient part of a city almost completely wooden, in a city time and again there were fires, especially strong has happened in 1702, but the city has been restored and has accepted the original form. having risen on to road floibaen on mountain floyen. (320m) you can admire a panorama opening to bergen.


Ulvik - a pearl of county horland. the basic sight of this small town - a museum of folklore and ancient churches. attention falls vorinsfossen, latefossen, steinsdalsfossen especially draw. you can will come nearer to them and to catch hands splashes of a powerful stream. on rest it is possible will stop in cosy hotel on the bank of fjord or on a high-mountainous plateau. the external facade of hotels in many respects reminds ancient swiss constructions.

One of the greatest in europe an aquarium where you can familiarise with representatives of fauna of the atlantic coast, also is in bergen. almost all tourist routes of cruises or Travel by the car begin from bergen. trips on the longest and to fjord - sognefjord are popular. cruises over fjord - hardangerfjord along which coast small villages with nice small houses, ancient cities are cosy located.

Variants time of forwarding of leisure, as fishings on fjord, the sea, the rivers, lakes, walks on bicycles, foot walks in mountains, cruises, excursions. the gold route, this travel bergen-flom is especially popular. from flom to myrdal to pass on unique railway flam, through 20 tunnels, a then to continue travel on the narrowest fjord - neirofjord. to your look the surprising world of falls, plains, mountains - that name norway in a miniature will open.

Museums and sights:

  • Road funikuljarnaja floibanen funicular, bergen
  • Edward grieg's museum, troldhaugen, bergen
  • Natural centre hardangervidda, eidfjord
  • Falls vorinsfossen, in eidfjord
  • Falls steinsdalsfossen, norheimsund
  • Falls tvindefossen, voss
  • Falls fossen bratte, samnager

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