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10.10.2010 The norwegian trolls in arkhangelsk

10.10.2010 Norway the country under northern stars

09.10.2010 The new airport on spitsbergen

08.10.2010 In oslo will pass in norway traditional christmas fair

05.10.2010 The new russian-norwegian teleproject

03.10.2010 The new pedestrian track from the swedish settlement ritsem in norwegian tjusford

02.10.2010 Photo-exhibition in office monchebanka show-windows

02.10.2010 In norway has opened the new president

01.10.2010 To spitsbergen

26.09.2010 Advertising of our partners


lives more than 10 000 russian
At the norwegian lappish parliament repair consultations by plug phone
Spring for fastening of rails
Hire Renault (logan), rent of cars -Hire.

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The norwegian fjords

Fjord Gejranger-fjord Neroj-fjord National Geographic

The norwegian fjords a glacial age consequence. when the glacier 10-12 thousand years ago departed, the surprising norwegian fjords nowadays known all over the world were formed. in cruise over fjords! here you can climb up a glacier and see own eyes improbable is bright-dark blue ice, and also drive on skis in the heat of summer.

Cruises over fjords of norway
Fjord : 10- Hardanger fjord Sogne-fjord.
: 1026 692 10 .

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