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    To spitsbergen

     the commission on maintenance of the russian presence on spitsbergen, has confirmed position about governmental which was headed by vice-premier sergey naryshkin.

    We will remind that the archipelago to the north from norway possesses the special international status. it is unique in modern international law overland state territory of the general using though since 1925 officially spitsbergen is the kingdom norway part. there is a landed property on islands and at russia.

    Before again created commission a task in view to develop uniform strategy of the russian presence on archipelago. it is necessary to it and to provide interaction of federal enforcement authorities in this question. besides, in the commission competence - preparation of the offers infringing on interests of russians and demanding the decision at the state level.

    In october on spitsbergen within the limits of exit session of the commission the idea of creation on archipelago of the russian-norwegian free economic zone will be considered. with such initiative the government of murmansk area has acted.

    - norwegians have suggested to create the pomorsky zone of transnational type - on border of our two countries. we consider that this very interesting business. but also very difficultly realised as it is interfaced to strategic interests of the countries, at times opposite, - governor yury evdokimov in conversation with journalists has noted. - in development of a theme we have brought the offer to create a zone of industrially-economic type on spitsbergen. where,we manage and norwegians.

    According to the head of region, work on islandsfrom minerals besides coal there is also an oil. and "declared" itself. in the late eighties during investigation of one of coal layers from a chink has occurred oil. means, there is a sense to continue this work. the general interests for certain will be and in researches of climate change of arctic regions. together it would be possible to be engaged in ship repair, fishing, its processing and other.

    - at us there the huge circle of joint interests, - is convinced the governor. - why we cannot organise a free economic zone? it would bring dividends both one, and other country. also would liquidate any contradictions how russians to operate within the limits of the contract on spitsbergen. we have put forward such idea, and it has already interested the government of our country.

    It is published: bnits/shpilkin s.v.source: bi-port

    The author: tatyana agapov

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