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  • News archive

    News archive for 2010

    06. 11.2010 Norwegian sells cheap tickets to norway

    Budget airline norwegian has entered discounts for flights from russia into norway. the ticket moscow oslo and st.-petersburg oslo costs on a number of dates in november-march 47 euros in one party taking into account gathering. in the opposite direction the same ticket manages in 46 euros from wasps

    05. 11.2010 Aeroflot-north develops cooperation with northern norway

    Close relations between russia and the countries of scandinavia develop, including with assistance of airline "aeroflot-north". the delegation of airline "aeroflot-north" will visit from october, 31st till november, 5th the norwegian province tromse where will take place

    01. 11.2010 Jeren the country of boundless sea

    Norway traditionally consider as the country of fjords. the first question which usually set arrived of norway, - "and you saw fjords?" it seems self-evident, it is strange even that someone, having visited this remarkable country, can answer this

    10. 10.2010 The norwegian trolls in arkhangelsk

    Within the limits of the project "norwegian autumn" today will pass literary travel and competition of children's creativity "norwegian trolls". for children acquaintance to the norwegian trolls is provided. these mysterious beings having a tail will lodge these days in arhangel

    10. 10.2010 Norway the country under northern stars

    Of bude a small town in the north of norway now hardly associates at our readers with important events of recent history. but it is necessary to step after hour flight from oslo into its earth blown by salty sea winds as works

    09. 10.2010 The new airport on spitsbergen

    The russian authorities plan a number of projects on archipelago spitsbergen, among which construction of the new airport. representatives of trust "" conducting on island coal mining, informed earlier on plans of construction of gas power station, and also new

    08. 10.2010 In oslo there will pass traditional christmas fair

    Christmas fair in the norwegian national museum open-air the largest prechristmas event in oslo, popular both among tourists, and among townsmen. in december here it will be possible to get souvenirs, christmas ornaments

    05. 10.2010 New russian-norwegian teleproject

    In the program the special heading - "the fish plate", devoted to the norwegian seafood opens. the leader of the program julia jaroslavsky invites to itself in studio known the head cook which will be shares culinary secrets and to show

    03. 10.2010 The new pedestrian track from the swedish settlement ritsem in norwegian tjusford

    The new pedestrian track from the swedish settlement ritsem in norwegian tjusford. (Gransleden) 43

    02. 10.2010 Photo-exhibition in show-windows of office monchebanka

    Norway surprisingly beautiful country - the country of fjords, mountains, hand bells, trolls, emerald water and the cleanest air. to admire it it is possible infinitely, in our works it is possible to see only small part of beauty of norway

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